What we do …

“What am I doing! Am I making the dull interesting? Adorning the unadorned by fidgeting around, adding tinsel and glitter?
Does beauty need to be made more interesting? Does beauty need spangles?
If what I do need the tinsel, is what I’m doing beautiful? Or is the source of beauty the tinsel and glitter – and the tricks just vehicles for them? What am I doing”

– Tommy Wonder –

A quote that refers to a lot of things!
For us it’s about how we cook! Products and flavours don’t need to be made more interesting by adding tinsel and glitter! Beauty is not the spangle surrounding the product, it is the flavour captured within. We merely connect the the flavours to preserve the beauty!

So what are we doing? We cook. Fair and square!

Chef’s Menu or a la Carte …

The choice is yours. Take your pick of three to seven courses from our Chef’s Menu or go a la Carte and compose your own. Both options can be combined with our ‘Wine Games’.  A selection of fine wines by our maître sommelier. Check our full menu and other arrangements here  or book your table right now.